Zach LaValley

What brought you to Mountain Strength Crossfit?
Last 4th of July I found myself sitting my basement binge watching Netflix, eating frozen pizza, drinking canned beer, lamenting my dwindling athleticism while taking care of my dog (Piper) who was recovering from surgery.  Luckily, my dog’s vet is directly across the street from MSCF, so when taking her in for a follow up I saw people running with medicine balls up and down the street and thought it looked like fun.  I called the next day, spoke with Ari and scheduled personal Base Camp sessions with Paul and John.  Within a week I was making regular appearances at the then 6am class.


What is your favorite exercise movement?
The Olympic movements.  Their combination of precision and strength remind me of my rowing background, where to truly excel you need to have mastery over a highly dynamic and fault intolerant set of movements.


What is a skill that you are working on to improve?
I’ve struggled with and am working on pull-ups and double unders.


What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength?
I’ve started listening to the needs of my body.  Crossfit can be intense and taxing often resulting in stiff or soar muscles.  With the help and encouragement of the coaches and other athletes, I’ve started taking warming up, cooling down and stretching much more seriously.  I do miss class, mostly due to work or vacation travel and rarely due to excessive fatigue.


What is your favorite memory of MSCF?
Participating in the 2016 Crossfit Open with the rest of the gym via “Friday Night Lights”, was an amazing experience.  It didn’t matter whether you were in the first heat or the last, scaling or RX’ing, on someone’s team or not, the camaraderie and support throughout the entire gym was unparalleled.  It made me really proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people.


Any advice for people who want to try Crossfit but are afraid to do so?
The members of MSCF are your friends and neighbors, members of the PTA, teachers, doctors, contractors, etc.  While everyone is motivated to work hard and achieve their own personal fitness goals, the vibe is not intimidating but rather welcoming and supportive.  MSCF is a healthier option to the local bar, but the Cheer’s theme song still aptly applies.


Random Zach fact?
To get over my hatred of running, I decided to run a marathon.  So in 2006, I trained for and ran the NYC marathon joining and running with the four hour pace group. Between 2006 and 2010, I moved back to the Boston area, switched jobs, met and began dating my now wife who had been living in Chicago for many years and also recently moved to Boston.  Amazingly, several months into our dating, we discovered that she also ran in the 2006 NYC marathon in the four hour pace group.  We likely ran directly next to each other!


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