Cancellation Policy In the case of severe weather

1) Winchester School Closing
in the case of school closing or delays we will cancel early morning classes to allow the plows to clear the snow.
We are usually good to go by 8:15 am most storms but if it is still snowing or a state of emergency we will stay closed until safe to open.

If there is a prediction of dangerous driving conditions, the winds are high enough to create a risk of power outage or downed trees we will stay closed.

2) There is a prediction of more than 2”-3” of snow or a State of emergency is declared
– If these things are happening there is a good chance of closing.
– Snow – anything over 2”-3” creates a difficult situation for cars to exit the parking lot. The hill is difficult for non 4×4 type vehicles to get up if it gets icy or there is too much snow. We never know when the plow/sand will come.

When we make the call:
– When schools announce closings or state of emergency is declared

These procedures will be followed wherever possible; however, Mountain Strength reserves the right to cancel or suspend classes at any time by the discretion of management. Our goal is the safety of our athletes and staff.

Athletes will be notified via multiple channels on any schedule changes via Email, Facebook and Wodify by Myself or the staff of Mountain Strength.