CrossFit Level 1
Burgener Strength Weightlifting L1




The first WOD I ever did was an AMRAP 8 of 100m runs, deadlifts and situps.  I tapped out at minute 6, with scorched lungs and a screaming lower back.  I felt like I was dying and I absolutely loved it.  Intuitively, I knew this is exactly what I needed.  The first actual class I ever took ended in a bout of vomiting.  And so did the second.  I came back the next day and a funny thing happened, I didn’t puke.  I was making progress, and I’ve been addicted to that daily pursuit ever since.  

CrossFit was my therapy, and grinding through WODs day after day became cathartic.  I had so much crap and negativity inside me, I felt like it was literally pouring out of me through blood, sweat, and tears.  Bad habits started being replaced by good habits.  I was fixing my body, and there was a sense of mental clarity that started forming.  CrossFit was saving my life.

The first box I was a part of, CrossFit H2O, closed its doors in 2016 and I was referred to MSCF.  I was heartbroken, but it became an opportunity for further growth.   After about a year, Coach John started nudging me towards coaching.  I’m an introvert, so the prospect of leading a class was terrifying.  But I believed in the ethos of stepping outside your comfort zone.  I also really wanted that free membership, and the liberty to train at MSCF whenever I wanted.  

The free membership and keys to the door are nice perks, but it’s hardly the reason I coach now.  Before I started coaching, I would have considered myself selfish.  Now I’ve come to realize I actually enjoy helping people, and I’m a better person for it.  There is an opportunity for CrossFit to save the world, and I want to be a part of that.