Mindset Seminar with Coach Rache Binette
This eye-opening seminar with Coach Rachel Binette, a Certified Level 3 CrossFit Trainer, introduces modern, actionable mindset work based on neuroscientific research. Beyond goal setting and positivity, this is a program for improving mindset in training and in life.

Saturday, February 9th
Cost: $39
Mountain Strength CrossFit

Mountain Strength CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

– Agility Ladder Drills

– Using the 10m course:

• Crab walk down, bear crawl back, 5 air squats, sprint down

• Side shuffle down, side shuffle back, back pedal down, sprint back

• Sprint down, 1 burpee no push-up, back pedal back, 1 burpee no push-up, sprint down


Stitch (AMRAP – Rounds)

Every Minute On The Minute Until Failure:

Min 1: 20m Shuttle Run

Min 2: 8 burpeess

Min 3: 40m Shuttle Run

Min 4: 8 burpees

Min 5: 60m Shuttle Run

Continue sequence until you can no longer complete the required work in that minute

L2: 10m increments, 6 burpees

L1: 10m increments, 4 burpees

Accessory Work

Dumbbell Lunges (3 x 10, Heavy)

DB Floor Press (3 x 10)

V-ups (3 x 20)


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