Pre/Teen CrossFit Class – For Middle School and High School Athletes. Tues/Thu 3pm Session 01 starts 7/10, Session 02 Starts 8/07

Advanced Skills Class: 1st and 3rd Fridays June through Sept.

Advanced Skills Class

Mountain Strength CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 Rounds of 20s Work/10s Rest of:

1a) Single unders

1b) Mountain Climbers

1c) Double Under or Double Under Attempts

1d) Figure 8s with a kettlebell

*Move through all 4 movements for a total 3 rounds each


Warm-up (No Measure)

Foam Roll x 20s each

Lats, Thoracic Spine, Hamstrings


1a: Close Grip Bench Press (5 x 5, adding weight each set. Rest 60s.)

1b: 1-Arm KB Row (With a 2 count pause. 5 x 10 ea. Rest 60s.)

*Use one weight for all sets.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Tabata, 8 x 20s work/10s rest:

1) Push Press (95, 65)

2) SDHP (95, 65)

3) Hollow Rocks

4) Air Squats

5) KB Figure 8s (53, 35)

L3: (75, 55)

L2: (65, 35) (35, 25)

L1: (55, 25) (30, 20)

*Score = total reps of push press + SDHP

Accessory Work

DB Cuban Press (2.0 version. 3 x 8-10. Rest 30s.)

– drag shrug + external rotation + y press + 3-5s lowering (thumbs up)


Summer Youth/Teens Classes 2022

Summer Youth/Teens ClassesWe will be running a limited Summer program this year We currently have open spots for this summer session! Our Summer Session will


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