the Front Squat

the Front Squat

Happy May everyone!!! This month’s article will be covering what we went over in April’s mobility class, so for those of you who came, this will be review.

This month we are covering the Front Squat. In May’s mobility class we will be covering the pull-up.


First things first, as always we need to discuss the Front Squat Movement standards

  1. Start with the bracing sequence (this is laid out in the Air Squat post)
  2. Approach the bar, placing hands just outside the shoulders
  3. While the bar is in the rack get into the front squat position with your elbows at a 90 degree angle, wrists just outside the shoulders with palms facing up
  4. Stand the bar up and remove from the rack, take a few steps away
  5. Send the hips back, keeping your chest/torso upright and squat
  6. As you stand back up from the squat keep your elbows up


Okay now that we have done a quick overview lets discuss how we can get the Front Rack position. If you need more information on how to get you’re hips opened up a little more see the Air Squat post.


First lets target the wrists, we don’t want them by our neck. Instead we want them to be over and outside the shoulder. We are going to cover the stretch you can do at the gym and then at home.


Wrist Stretch

  1. Grab a band and place it around the bottom of the rack
  2. Create tension in the band by pulling away from the rack
  3. Place hand inside the band, hand flat against the ground, having your fingertips facing the opposite side of the rig with the band around the wrist.
  4. Using your spare hand just keep the band in place
  5. Contract and relax 10 seconds each for 2 minutes or circulate
  6. Repeat on each side

Home Option

  1. Sit on the ground as if you are going to do a sitting split
  2. Place your hands so that your fingertips are facing you and palms are flat on the ground
  3. Contract and relax 10 seconds each for 2 minutes or circulate


Front Rack Band Stretch

  1. Grab a band and place it on the rig so that is around hip height
  2. Place arm through it up the elbow
  3. Then grab the band closer to the rig and get into the front rack position
  4. Ensure that your palms are facing the ceiling to the best of your ability and just outside the shoulders
  5. If your hands are close to your neck or caving in, readjust
  6. If you can try and use your spare hand to externally rotate your arm at the shoulder (meaning if it was a doorknob you would be rotating the elbow away from you) this creates torque
  7. You also want to fight the urge let your elbow go up by your head, you want to keep it around the 90 degree angle
  8. See picture
  9. Hold this position for 1 minute
  10. Repeat this 2x on each side

Home option

  1. Unfortunately there isn’t one


Lat Stretch (home and gym)

  1. Grab a bench or couch and a broom or pvc
  2. Palms facing you
  3. Place hands on the bar with palms facing you just outside your shoulders with your elbows on the bench or PVC while you are kneeling on the ground

i.     The further apart your arms the harder it is

  1. It is very very important you keep a tight core here and try not to arch
  2. As you begin to sit back towards your heels pull the PVC over the back of  your head

i.     Do this slowly and repeat this 10 times

  1. See picture
  2. Palms facing away from you
  3. Follow the process for Palms up


Try incorporating these into your front rack routine and remember to come to Mobility class the last Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm or stop by Open Gym Sundays 8-10am for more.


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