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Mountain Strength Fitness Running Class 2022

Mountain Strength Fitness Running Class 2022 We are making our return to the track! Starting in June Coach Rich Borgatti will be leading a 6 week running class designed to improve your running and endurance. Coach Rich has trained hundreds of runners from 5k’s to marathons as well as 24

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Going Long Distance and CrossFit

By Coach Mike Flanagan 12/6/2020 In ancient times before CrossFit, I was a runner, and in recent years, I’ve picked the sport up again, and have been mixing my workouts to try to find the ideal balance between both sports.  I’m still convinced that if you have time for only

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CrossFit and Marathon Training

“I’m training for the marathon. How should I integrate CrossFit training with my (increasingly intensive and time-consuming) running program?”   CrossFit and endurance training I feel mix very well together. Although not in the way that most people may think. Most endurance programs but not all, tend to focus on

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Running Injury Free: Part 1 – The Foam Roller

Today we are going to start a 4 part blog series focusing on Running Injury Free. This series will go over SMR (Self Myofascial Release) of the legs, proper warm up techniques/movements and drills for running. These are especially important for endurance athletes to keep up with throughout the winter

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