Stratton Newbert

What brought you to Mountain Strength CrossFit?
I used to do quite a bit of road and trail racing, but stopped about 5yrs ago due to chronic IT problems.  I was unhappy with my fitness level after a 3-day backpacking trip last summer and began to worry about being able to hike, ski, kayak, etc in the “life after 40”.  My best friend, who I had been backpacking with, started doing CrossFit in Austin TX and sold me on the 1hr intense workout being able to fit into my busy schedule.  The next day I was driving down Cross St, saw the Mountain Strength sign, and the rest is history.

What is your favorite exercise or movement?
I like burpees, as much as anybody can possibly like burpees, because it can be an equalizer keeping pace with the big guys during a WOD.  I think the coolest movement, though, is The Snatch… I just can’t do it very well yet.  It seems to combine everything we do into getting a ton of weight overhead in one swift, graceful movement. (plus, its fun to say)

What is a skill or movement that you are working on to improve?
I am currently working on Double-Unders and The Clean.  I’m can now do DUs in WODs, but can’t link them together.  I’m trying to get The Clean motion down as a first step in G2O.  Once I improve my form, I’ll move to The Snatch.  Jason has been a great help in Open Gym.

What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength CrossFit?Surprisingly, my IT issues have all but disappeared.  People talk about the rampant CrossFit injuries, but it ‘healed’ mine by strengthening my overall body.  To me, it speaks volumes about Rich’s approach to the sport.

What is your favorite memory of Mountain Strength CrossFit?
I could only do about 10 push-ups in the beginning, which made it difficult to get through many WODs.  Rich told me to do Tabata planks at home to build up stamina.  Within weeks, push-ups became the ‘easy’ part of WODs.


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