Sean Freeman

1. What brought you to MSCF/how long have you been a member?

One day during a rowing practice our coach decided to have us do a CrossFit style work out, and I really liked it. I tried out MSCF while I was home from school and found that not only did I love CrossFit but it had a “community feel” similar to rowing.

2.  What is your favorite exercise/movement?

Probably not a popular answer… but erging, It’s something I’m familiar with so it’s nice to be able to not have to think too much, and know exactly what I can pull for what workouts

3.  What is a skill or movement you are working on to improve?

I am working on my muscle-ups, I just recently learned them and hope to be able to string multiple together, and learn to do it on the bar

4.  Tell us something about yourself your fellow athletes may not know?

Aside from fitness, I have a love for things related to Space. When I’m at school I am currently working on a satellite project with a mission to take pictures of the Sun and send them back at extremely high data rates.


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