What is “ProCoach?”

It’s a nutrition coaching platform and coaching curriculum built and written by Precision Nutrition, who over the last twelve years has helped nearly 50,000 men and women lose over 1,000,000 pounds of body fat and lead healthier lives.

I partner with Precision Nutrition to bring you ProCoach because you get to benefit from the knowledge Precision Nutrition has garnered over the years, combined with hands-on, 1:1 support from me and Mountain Strength Crossfit. In fact, I continue to be a PN coaching client because I believe in their experience and strategies so deeply.

The goal of ProCoach at MSCF is to help you get leaner, or stronger, or better at your sport – or even all three – while building the foundation for a lean, strong, healthy, and rich life.

How does the program work?

ProCoach at MSCF works via a three-prong approach:

  • One, this program will help you build the habits which are essential to life-long health and wellness, fat loss, strength and muscle gains, and athletic performance. For example, one of the first habits is “make time.” It sounds so easy, right? But when we’re already pulled a dozen different directions by work, family, and our online lives, it takes effort to set aside the time to eat well, exercise, and take care of ourselves. Subsequent habits build on this – some are easy and some are more challenging – so you’re always prompted to make gradual, and sticky, changes.
  • Two, this program will support you in being consistent with your nutrition and exercise habits. Small efforts applied consistently can create huge change; huge efforts applied inconsistently don’t go anywhere. That’s why ProCoach at MSCF is a year-long program – not only are you learning in small, bite-size pieces (5-10 minutes a day) over that year, but you’ve also got ongoing, expert support to help make good decisions automatic.
  • Three, this program will provide you with a rich learning experience about food, movement, and yourself. When you’re done with the program, I want you to have learned habits that you apply automatically and concepts to help you make good decisions, while having created your personal “owners manual” – your individualized approach to exercise and nutrition that will reward you with a rich life.

How do I get started?

The first step – if you haven’t taken it yet – is to create your account in ProCoach.

ProCoach system sits on the Precision Nutrition servers, so you’ll be logging into a PN website, and ProCoach emails will come from a Precision Nutrition email address. But everytime you get feedback, or send a message through ProCoach, it’ll be me on the other end.

Next, you’ll complete a questionnaire online, which will take about 10 minutes.

That questionnaire will ask you about your goals, current habits, food preferences, and a few other details. Again, I’m the one who’ll be using that information to support you – ProCoach is simply the platform where the information sits.

Next, I’ll email you a quickstart guide to help you get started immediately with individualized nutrition guidelines.

And then you’re ready to start ProCoach – you’ll get your first lesson on the next Monday after your questionnaire is complete.

I’m going to ask that you track your food for about a week so we can start making some adjustments to your nutrition immediately.

Finally, you’ll need a couple of tools, some or all of which you may already have, for your measurements.

First, you will need something with which you can take digital pictures.  The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than when tracking your progress!  A smartphone camera works well.  If you don’t have a digital camera, we can schedule time each month to take pictures.

Second, you will need a tape measure, which we will supply.  There may be times where you feel like you are not making progress, but the tale truly will be in the tape!

Third, you will need a basic scale capable of measuring to the tenth of a pound.  There is no need for a scale that measures body fat.  There are many options available through Amazon as well as at Bed Bath and Beyond.


What happens after I get started?

You and I will have a LOT of online communication, via the ProCoach platform.

The beauty of ProCoach is that it records everything for you, so we’ll use that a ton.

You’ll log-in to the ProCoach platform daily to access your lessons and check off that you’ve completed your habit.

You’ll get a daily email reminder from Precision Nutrition with a link to log in; remember, ProCoach sits on the PN server, so keep an eye out for those emails. I’ll give you feedback on your lessons – sometimes pointing out where you’re responses are really strong, and sometimes asking you to reflect a bit deeper. You can expect feedback at least once or twice a week. If you ever feel like you need something more, please ask. 

You’re always able to go back and review past lessons, habits, and conversations we’ve had.

Feel free to take your own notes, though!

Within ProCoach you’ll record weekly quick measurements, bi-weekly detailed measurements, and progress photos every 4 weeks.

This way we can see how you’re doing, and make changes as necessary.


Working together, we’re going to change your life.

I can’t wait to get started working with you. Any questions or concerns?

Email me:

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