Phase 3 Re-opening Plans

Phase 3 Starts Monday June 6th
The state has moved into Phase 3 starting Monday!

In Phase 2.2 we were allowed to start private 1:1 and 1:2 training which started this past Monday. If you are a private training client please reach out to us and we will start scheduling your sessions.

Phase 3 will allow us to operate indoor classes at 40% occupancy capacity. BUT we may have to wear face masks inside. I need to see what our official operating capacity is for classes. Most likely it will be between 8-12 people inside at a time.

I am waiting for the more lengthy press release with the standards on the actual operations. I am hoping that like the outdoor classes if we keep distance between us, not share equipment, and sterilize we can workout without masks on but for now the standard is masks are required.

We most likely will NOT start indoor classes on this Monday but most likely on the 13th. This will give everyone the holiday weekend off from worrying about it and our staff time to prepare opening the classes properly. If you need quick updates I regularly post in the MS FB Group first before sending out an email. Once we have all our procedures in place we will announce the official start of inside group classes and a return to some barbell workouts.

* If you participated in the equipment lease program and attending in person classes we are asking that you start to return the equipment within the next two weeks.*

If you are a former member and would like to start group training with us again please give us a call 617-575-9348 or set up a Zoom call so we can reactivate your account.

If you have traveled out of the Massachusetts/New England area the 14 day quarantine is still in effect for you. Please do not come to group classes and join us on Zoom for 2 weeks.
Please check the guidelines here: (

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