Outdoor Classes to Resume June 8th


We are happy to announce that outdoor group classes are returning to MSCF Monday, June 8th!

We are being cautious and following all state and city regulations. The Winchester Board of Health has given us the green light to restart outdoor classes.

We will start slow and cautious. If we see a significant amount of people on the wait list we will start to add classes. We started with the most popular morning and evening times on our surveys.

We will start Parking Lot classes with MWF (7:00AM and 5:30PM), more class times will be added in the coming weeks.

All 10-class passes that expired on/after March 15th have been reactivated and extended until Sept 8th. They are good for Zoom or Parking lot workouts.

The following protocols will be used to adhere to the state guidelines on outdoor workouts:


Mandatory Reservations:
Athletes will sign up and reserve a spot on Wodify, classes will currently be capped at 9 athletes and 1 Coach:

How to reserve classes using the App:

Reservations for classes will open 72hrs before class starts. Please only sign up for classes you are sure you are attending.

There will be a waitlist for full classes and athletes will be put in the wait list que and placed in the class in the order that they reserve if a spot opens up.

Since these classes are limited in nature we want to give everyone a chance to attend that can, so If we start to get “No Shows” to wait listed classes we are considering a $5 charge after week 1. If you are on a 10 class pass you will burn that class.

All Cars will be parked along the fence separating our parking lot from the Kids Stock parking lot. Please show up early to park your car as we will be using the parking lot to workout.

Workout Space and Masks:
Each Athletes’ workout spot shall be 12’ distance from the center (10’ Box +2’ lane).

Athletes must wear masks or neck gaiters until they are within their workout space and when they are running if they cannot distance themselves more than 6’. Athletes must keep masks with them at all times.

Athletes will currently be required to bring their own equipment for workouts, this includes a yoga mat, Jump rope, a set of DBs, water bottles and a workout towel. We have some limited equipment at the gym for those that did not lease any from the gym. But please do your best to bring your own as we leased out 95% of our equipment.

Disinfectant spray and equipment wipes will be provided to clean and disinfect the equipment.

If you will be attending classes regularly and would like to return any equipment please email me rich@mountainstrength.com

Bathrooms are available for use but only 1 at a time, please go at home before the workout to reduce congestion.

Full Schedule can be found on the Wodify Calendar

Parking Lot classes:
M-W-F: 7:00am & 5:30pm

Zoom Classes:
T-W-Th-F: 7:00am
M-W-F: 12pm
M-W: 5:30pm
Sat-Sun: 10:00am

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