By popular demand, I will be running a six week sports performance nutrition group beginning on May 18. There will be two ways to participate. The first involves one on one goal setting, diet change recommendations and adjustments, and daily accountability as well as three group meetings covering topics such as mastering the basics, hydration, and training and event preparation and recovery. For those who are interested in the topic but don’t want to take quite such a deep dive into it, the second option is to just attend the group meetings.

For those who want to learn more, I will be holding an introductory meeting on May 18 at 7:30. We’ll pick dates and times for the three meetings based on what works best for the group. More to follow on how to sign up and with additional details, but wanted to get this on people’s calendars earlier rather than later, as I know how busy all of you are! Please feel free to email me with any questions at Thanks!

Mountain Strength CrossFit offers several different levels for Nutrition Guidence.

  • Are you looking to maximize your food and exercise choices to achieve your goals?
  • Are you looking to lose some weight? Or add some weight?
  • Want to know if your food choices are the best they can be?
  • Want to be ready for the beach season?
  • Want accountability?

Get started with a free 30 minute nutrition consulation:

Summit – Prices vary depending on services required

This membership level is best suited to athletes who have specific individualized needs for which a customized program is required.

Seminars – $35/session unless otherwise noted

Body Composition Groups (Fat Loss/Muscle Gain)

We will be offering body composition groups at various times during the year.  They will be geared either toward fat loss or toward muscle gain. Separate groups will be offered for men and for women. These one hour sessions will focus on a weekly topic, a suggested habit transformation tip, and supportive group discussion regarding group members’ progress and setbacks. Members will receive a personalized macronutrient plan at the beginning of the session. There will be a limit of twenty members in each group, and priority/early registration will be given to MSCF Nutrition members.


Please note that you should consult with your physician prior to embarking on any major changes with regard to your nutrition.  Unfortunately, absent authorization from a medical professional, we are unable to provide individualized nutrition coaching to children, teens, and individuals with certain medical conditions.  We are always happy to work with authorized medical professionals under these circumstances.

Amy Mariani is pleased to offer access to the online coaching curriculum created by Precision Nutrition, which has helped thousands of people lose weight, gain muscle, and reach their athletic goals.  Curious to learn more?