Solid nutrition practices form the foundation of your success in the gym.  Whether your goals are performance based or physique related, you will find it easier to achieve them with a proper nutrition strategy in place.  At Mountain Strength, we partner with Amy Mariani of Fit & Fabulous LLC to help you dial in your nutrition and maximize your results.  Amy’s Monday Menu Minute, blog content, and Friday Fun Food Facts as well as several live Facebook events are free to all Mountain Strength Members.  We also offer a variety of programs and nutrition memberships to meet your needs, so book your free thirty minute consultation with Amy to discuss your goals!


Do you want to lose fat or gain muscle?


Do you start a new diet for a few days, but then backslide and have trouble getting back on track?


Are you frustrated with your nutrition habits?


Do you want a knowledgeable coach to help you through the the learning process and keep you accountable?


Step 1: Book a Free Consult

You have different options when it comes to a nutrition plan that will work for you. We will help identify the proper path for you and set you up for success! Start by booking your free consult below!


Step 2: Create a Custom Plan

You and your coach will create a custom road map to success. Whether the goal is Fat loss, muscle gain or to have more energy! It is a plan that fits YOU and your lifestyle! 

Step 3: Get the Results YOU want!

Experience the results that come from proper planning, accountability and support from your Nutrition plan and coach!



Precision Nutrition 1 Certification

CrossFit Kids Certification

NESTA Kid’s Nutrition Certification

CrossFit Level 1 

Amy Mariani is pleased to offer access to the online coaching curriculum created by Precision Nutrition, which has helped thousands of people lose weight, gain muscle, and reach their athletic goals.  Curious to learn more?