Mountain Strength CrossFit – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

With a barbell + foam roller + heavy band

2 Rounds of:

6 RDLs

6 Front Squats

6 Front Rack Reverse Lunges

X-Band Walk x 10 Steps each direction

Foam Roll each Adductor x 10 passes each


5 Rollover to split stretch

10 Lateral Cossack Squats

10 Bird Dogs with a 3 count glute contraction on each rep (10 total reps)


Deadlift (6 x 3 @75%, Touch and Go, every 60s.)

– Take 3-4 sets for 2 reps each set and build to 75%.


Double Jump (Time)

5 RFT:

50 DU’s

20 KBS (53, 35)

10 Burpee Box Jumps (24, 20)

L2: (30 DU) (45, 25)

L1: (50 Singles) (35, 25) (Burpees no box)

18:00 Cap
Compare to 12/29/17

Accessory Work

1a: Banded Alphabet (2 x 1 full set on each side)

1b: Glute March (w. 2 count glute squeeze on each rep: 2 x 10 each)

*Use a mini band around the knees if possible.


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