Michaela Romanova

What brought you to Mountain Strength CrossFit?
As a college tennis player I was always pushed to train and perform my best. On daily basis I was part of team organized practices. Upon graduation I found my work outs monotones and boring. I needed some inspiration and challenge. One day while teaching Susan McLaren some tennis tricks we started the conversation about work outs and she suggested to try CrossFit. I am thankful to Susan for introducing me to MSCF.


What is your favorite exercise or movement?
Anything cardio related. I love double unders, running and rowing. Or and wallballs.


What is a skill that you are working on to improve?
I have few of those. My pull up is the biggest challenge for me along with push ups and hand stands push ups.


What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength?
Better endurance, more strength and definitely more energy and spirit to wake up and work out early.


What is your favorite memory of MSCF?
Friday night lights was pretty epic. I wish I could participate in more events but my travel schedule doesn’t allow it. Hoping to join Spartans in near future.


Any advice for people who want to try CrossFit but are afraid to do so?
MSCF is the best place to try it. Friendly people, great coaches and no intimidation. Coaches keen on teaching us correct technique and there is plenty of opportunities they offer to get better at each movement.


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