What brought you to Mountain Strength CrossFit?
I was looking for something to get me back into routine exercise after a long, long period of sporadic workouts.  I found a listing for boot camp classes through the Arlington Recreation department. I thought, “What the heck?” I signed up, and the rest is history.

What is your favorite exercise or movement?
Squats and handstand pushups.  Paul B and Dan were squat masters during boot camp.  I had to keep up.

What is a skill or movement that you are working on to improve?
Anything requiring coordination?  Kipping, cleaning 90+lbs, rowing…….

What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength CrossFit?
It really has been an amazing experience for me personally.  I’m so much more confident in my abilities as an athlete.  My overall health and wellbeing has skyrocketed. And, who knew I had biceps?

What is your favorite memory of Mountain Strength CrossFit?
I’m racking them up.  Last year’s Glen workout, the rebel race, the Spartan race, Memorial Day Murph….Still, push ups in the snow during boot camp has to be my all time favorite! I need to add that I am so thankful to Rich for his constant encouragement and patience.  You can’t find anything like the quality attention and support you get at MCSF.  To all my fellow 6am crew and Liz, you guys rock!


Summer Youth/Teens Classes 2022

Summer Youth/Teens ClassesWe will be running a limited Summer program this year We currently have open spots for this summer session! Our Summer Session will


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