CrossFit Level 1 (August 2016)




I’ve been an athlete since before I was born – my mom was bouncing me around the tennis court basically until she went into labor. As a result, sports/health/fitness have been my life. I’ve played competitive sports from then through the collegiate level.

During the summer before my junior year of college, I began to take an interest in the challenge and solitude of running. After several years of daily morning running, my friends dared me to sign up for a marathon – my first ever road race. My competitive nature came back. I completed by first marathon, the Cape Cod Marathon, fast enough to accidentally qualify for the Boston Marathon. I’ve now run four marathons including Baystate and Boston again.

I tried CrossFit several years ago and instantly knew it was for me. I was able to compete against myself and constantly be challenged. The past several years I’ve gone back and forth from CrossFit to Bro-lifting to a mix of both. I can truly say that CrossFit has saved me in more ways than one. In August 2016, I got my Level 1 to have “in case” the opportunity arose to share this passion with others.

I am so lucky and grateful to have had Rich take a chance on me and allow me the opportunity to be called Coach at Mountain Strength CrossFit. I swear I get more enjoyment out of helping others to break through physical and mental barriers than I do myself(and that’s saying a lot).

Of all the uniforms I’ve worn with my name on the back, this one, by far, makes me the proudest.


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