Kurtis Dube

1. What brought you to MSCF/how long have you been a member?
I have been a member off and on since early 2018, however, due to injury I didn’t really begin training in earnest until mid-December, so roughly a year now.  At the time when I joined I was living in Winchester so mountain strength was my closest, well-reviewed CrossFit gym so it just made sense.

2.  What is your favorite exercise or movement?
For about fifteen years as a powerlifter, I was a deadlift junkie, mostly because with my bio-mechanics heavily favor it (versus squat, which I am truly terrible at).  I could pull huge weights and it made me feel powerful.  That said five years of CrossFit have started turning me into a bit of a clean and jerk junkie.  It’s simply a more athletic movement that truly feels like I’m doing something practical/useful, an incredible exhibition of power, coordination, and skill.

3. What is a skill or movement that you are working on to improve?
Almost everything, hah.  As a big guy, I’d love to get full-on pull-ups (I’ve done <10 true pull-ups in my whole life).  I’d also love to not hate burpees so much, but I’m pretty sure a sadist invented burpees so perhaps that’s not an option.

4. What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength CrossFit?
Well, I’ve lost about 10% of my body weight and counting, so that’s something!  I’m quickly approaching the best shape of my life and outside of a couple of chronic injuries accrued over the years, I’m loving living inside of the body that MSCF is helping me build.  I don’t always want to get up and train, but I never regret it once I’m there (well except for burpee day).

5. Tell us something about yourself that your fellow athletes might not know?
Despite basically being a frost giant, I’m physically one of the smaller men from my family.  I grew up with a pair of uncles who dwarfed me at 6’6″ and 6’5″, and I have a great-great-uncle on the other side of the family who was (allegedly) 6’8″ and shaped like the mountain.  I’m used to being the biggest person in any given room … until I go home for the holidays and get my yearly dose of humble pie.


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