Kettlebell Kitchen – Let’s Get Started!

Kettlebell Kitchen – Let’s Get Started!
Amy Cashore Mariani
Nutrition Coach, Mountain Strength Crossfit
Owner, Fit & Fabulous LLC

Let’s face it – many of us lead extremely busy lives, and are challenged in preparing healthy meals for ourselves each and every day.  While there are ways to make that process easier (See Five KISS Steps for Easy Meal Prep, ), sometimes it is nice to have something in the fridge that you didn’t make and that is ready to go.  Enter the meal service.

There are lots of meal services out there, some better than others, and Mountain Strength has paired with one of the best, Kettlebell Kitchen.  I love the diversity of their selections and the types of ingredients that they use, but before you place your first order, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, I recommend ordering from the a la carte menu rather than subscribing to a particular service.  That gives you greater control over the food you choose to put into your body and makes sure that the selections you make are most appropriate for you.  Yes, it is more time consuming initially, but you will get items that fit your personal needs better by doing so. Look carefully at the ratio between protein/carbs/fats and try to get the ratio as close to your target as possible.

Second, take a VERY careful look at the calorie content for each meal you order.  Some are very good for people who are restricting calories, some are very good for people who are trying to add extra calories through carbohydrates for performance, and some are great for people who are trying to add protein and carbohydrates to increase muscle.  Thus, you need to be careful to be choosing what works for your plan, and not just what looks tasty (like the chocolate avocado truffles!).

Third, Kettlebell Kitchen offers two portion sizes, neither of which may fit your needs perfectly.  The medium size meals contain about four ounces of protein and six to eight ounces of sides, and the large contain six to seven ounces of protein and ten to twelve ounces of sides.  It’s very important that you understand how much you should be eating, choose the size of meal that you need accordingly, and limit what you eat to the amount you need as opposed to what is in the container.

If you need help with any of these issues, please let me know and we can set up a free thirty- minute nutrition consultation.

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