Jenn McCarthy

What brought you to Mountain Strength CrossFit?
When I joined 2 ½ years ago my goal was to get stronger. I was working out at a big named gym and was purely doing cardio exercises.  I was lost when it came to strength training. I tried doing the circuits, personal trainers, group classes and nothing really clicked. I had family members who started crossfit in their communities and loved it. I set up an intro class with Rich and signed up to join on the spot.  I knew MSCF would help me get to my goals.

What is your favorite exercise or movement?
I like the thruster because it works my entire body.  Anytime a thruster is in a WOD, I know I will have a great workout.

What is a skill or movement that you are working on to improve?
Everything!  That is what I love about crossfit there is always room for improvement. If I had to choose one- it would be double unders.

What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at MountainStrength CrossFit?
I feel significantly stronger.  It is so much easier for me to manage everyday tasks like bringing in groceries from the store and carrying my kids. I turned 40 in May and I feel stronger and healthier than I have in a very long time.

What is your favorite memory of Mountain Strength CrossFit?
I loved Friday Night lights during the open.  It was so much fun to bond with other members.  My teammates and the entire community gave me confidence to be better and stronger.


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