How to use C.A.L.M.

I had a very hard time trying to write this letter to you so I think I will just simply start with this.

Thank you.

Thank you all for keeping your family safe and reaching out to others. Thank you for keeping healthy, not just now but all the time leading up to this. Thank you for choosing the path of fitness and nutrition. It has made you stronger and more resilient to the current times and more able to help your family and friends.

We are all currently sequestered in our homes, with little outside interaction other than that which technology is helping provide. This may go one for a bit longer but we will come through the other side fitter and happy for partner WODs.

The current state of Mountain Strength is good. We will be here through this and at the end when we can all gather again. In the meantime we will keep providing online workouts through our Wodify app, Daily Whiteboard videos and movement demos, Zoom classes and soon to come some online social activities to join in and see your gym friends again.

One thing that I wanted to pass on to you all is a tool my mentor passed onto me this week. It’s called the CALM method. This is a great acronym for anyone that is in charge of a group, which is all of us at the moment. Our family, coworkers or faith group may see you as a leader, you are crossfitters so overachieving only comes natural to us.

CALM stands for Clarity, Assurance, Leadership, Movement.

Clarity, Be clear on the things you can control and those that you cannot. This also goes for your day, set schedules for activities and tasks. I learned this when I started operating my own business and had to work from home. Be clear on how your day is set up and the tasks that you can do. This will help remove any anxiety about the things you cannot do.

Assurance, Be clear on the things that may be obstacles or challenges but back them up with the positives and assure those that you are in charge of that there are positives and things to do that are of benefit. This helps give purpose to the day and a sense of hope. This is a huge lesson from many POW/War stories such as the stories of Viktor Frankl and Louis Zamperini.

Leadership, this is simply stated as “Follow Me”. Leading is inherently from the front, it cannot be done from the back. Once you are clear on what you can do, and assured that there is benefit, start leading your tribe towards it. When chaotic things happen we often will look for the one that is still standing tall, unbowed. A leader still grooms, makes their bed and stands tall. It gives permission to others to do the same.

Movement, once you know where to go, go. Standing in place, or on the fence or undecided does no one any good. A leader in front is blazing the path. It’s the scariest place to be because there are so many unknowns. But if you keep moving forward you can adjust the course and solve issues before those you are leading need to experience them. You are in essence failing faster so you can also innovate faster. This also relates to your physical fitness. You must move to stay fit and healthy. Set your fitness schedule up in your calendar and stick with it. Just moving the body increases your mood and outlook in life. Move well and often and you will be well often.

I hope this is helpful in these chaotic and uncertain times. As all of you my family and I and the team at Mountain Strength have gone through some drastic changes in the way our days are. Please reach out to your coaches, watch the videos in the wodify app and in the YouTube page. Participate in the zoom and online youth classes. We will be doing our best to give you a time of day for yourself and fitness.

Thank you for all of the support, love and encouragement.

Mountain Strength is a community of wonderful, like minded fitness enthusiasts and neighbors. I am very thankful for you all.

Yours in fitness,

Rich Borgatti


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