July 2017 Gymnastics Challenge

July 2017 Gymnastics Challenge!

Over the course of July, accumulate 200 strict pull-ups and/or strict handstand push-ups. Keep track on the whiteboard at the front of the gym!

*Only reps performed outside of WODs count.*

Here’s how this will work: 

1) Find which modification you can successfully complete a full 5×5 with–and it should go without saying, but using great form. We’re trying to get strong and avoid injury. Use great judgment, leave your ego at the door. You won’t be sorry! I suggest trying each modification as a part of your warmup.

2) Take away an abmat or move up a modification and get through as much of a 5×5 as you can. Maybe it will be the first time.

3) Next time, attempt Work your way up to a 5×5 over the course of the month and repeat until it starts to feel easy. Then advance another level.

Modifications for Strict Handstand Pushups:

1) Pike Pushup. Can use up to 2 abmats under the head to shorten range of motion.

2) Feet on Box HSPU. Can use up to 2 abmats under the head to shorten ROM.

3) Strict HSPU. Can use up to 3 abmats under the head to shorten ROM.

Elbows point forward, rather than flaring out to the side, create a tripod between head and hands, and finish each rep with head through shoulders.

I highly recommend that you film your reps. (Filming mine for you actually helped me improve my hand placement–Crossfit Gymnastics Trainers have something to learn, too!) Pike and Box HSPU are tricky to feel, so filming will let you know for sure that you’re building good motor patterns.


Modifications for Pullups:

1) Bar Assisted: Find the highest peg you can perform a 5×5 with and then move it up one for your challenge.

***Remember to keep laces towards the floor. If you flip to the balls of your feet it’s too easy. Chin must clear the bar or it doesn’t count!***

2) Band Assisted: Find the thinnest band resistance (or combo of bands) that you can perform a 5×5 with and then remove one for your challenge.

***If you need the thick bands, do bar assisted instead. They’ll serve you better in the long run.***


Fun Fact!!! Pull-ups and HSPU are complementary movements, meaning they use different muscle groups to accomplish their work. So, you can do both of these moves without overtaxing yourself.


ROM Standards:


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