Endurance Class: Drills and Homework

Endurance Class: Drills and Homework


Mountain Strength Endurance Class

Here are some videos from the CrossFit Endurance camp that showcase some of the drills we have been doing at the track.

Choose 3 – 4 drills to do 3 – 4 times each after your dynamic warm up and before your cadence and sprint work.

  • Hollow hold/rock 3-5

  • Hops w/ forward lean 3-5 hops

  • Foot wall pulls x20/side

  • Alternating foot pull, Alt every 5 steps 20 steps

  • Stable Arm drill x20-30m

  • Carioca x20-30m
  • Cop Drill x20-30m

  • Partner Band Drill x20-30m (Note: This is an alternate version from the one we showed in class)


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