The path that led me to become a CrossFit coach is a bit different, and one filled with many twists and turns. Unlike most of my fellow coaches, I grew up without an athletic bone in my body. I played softball for a few years growing up – but even then, I dreaded exercise, and I struggled with being overweight almost my entire life.

    By the time I finished college, I was categorized as “obese” on the BMI scale (not the best measure of health, but in this instance it was absolutely accurate). My diet was incredibly poor, I was constantly tired, and I felt miserable. Finally in 2013, I decided that I had had enough, and I sought guidance from the folks over at Total Performance Sports in Everett. It was there that I discovered my love for powerlifting, and weight lifting in general. I saw significant progress through regular training, but when I began working with a nutrition coach in 2014, my progress accelerated and I lost over 50 pounds!

    I gravitated towards CrossFit because the community aspect really intrigued me. As much as I had learned to love training, I realized that I needed external accountability in order to stay consistent – I found it difficult to stay motivated in the gym when I was just working out in a corner by myself. I stopped into MSCF for a free workout on a Saturday with Coach Robb, and haven’t looked back since! Not only have I made huge progress towards my health and fitness goals – I am doing things I never imagined I could do, let alone try. Since joining MSCF in 2015, I’ve participated in two CrossFit competitions, three Open seasons, and four obstacle course races. In 2018, I am going for a 2x Spartan Trifecta, and have over 10 races planned throughout the year!

    I decided to get my level 1 certification in September 2017 so I could “pay it forward.” CrossFit has made me a better person in a variety of ways, and I can’t imagine my life without it. I wanted the chance to share CrossFit with others so that they have the same opportunity at a better, more fulfilling and healthy life. Also, I want to prove to others that you don’t have to fit a certain “image” to be a CrossFitter or athlete – we come in all shapes, sizes, and from a variety of backgrounds and interests. CrossFit truly is for everyone! My other interests in the fitness world include nutrition, particularly plant based/vegan nutrition. By day, I work in finance at Night Shift Brewing and Distributing.