CrossFit Open Intramural

CrossFit Open Intramural

It’s that time of the year again MSCF’ers where we put our fitness to the test with the CrossFit Open. However this year we are doing things a little differently. We are going to be having an internal competition, an Intramural Open! I am sure you are wondering what does an Intramural Open mean? Internally we are going to be doing the Open workouts (similar to last year) however this year the twist is each person who is committed to the Intramural Open will be on a team. Each team will have a captain and there will be points awarded each week. We will be following the template Crossfit Catalyst has created.

Our goal is to make this a fun experience for everyone, bring our community together while testing our hard work that we put in each week!

The Breakdown


  1. Sign up for the Intramural Open at the desk and stating if you’ll be competing Scaled or Rx. This means when the Open workouts are released you will be following the Scaled or Rx.
  2. If you want to see how you stack up to others around the world, register for the Open here:


Draft Day

  1. The week before the Open begins (First workout announced Feb 26th) our 4 amazing captains (chosen by your coaches) will take turns selecting team members committed to the Intramural Open
    Come and make sure you are on your desired team!!!
    Draft Day Info to follow
  2. Coaches and Interns will be randomly selected out of a hat to keep teams fair

Testing Days

  1. Friday Night Lights 6:30-8:30pm
  2. Come in dressed in your team colors and show your team pride (this is very important when it comes to your team score)
  3. Complete the workout to the standards set at the beginning of the night
  4. Sign your score card
  5. Social to follow each testing night
  6. Can’t attend the testing day?
    Open Gyms Saturday and Sunday are make-ups
    Come dressed in your team colors (goes towards standings)
    Bring your Open Sheet and have the coach sign it that you completed the workout.


  1. Interns and Coaches will be our judges
  2. Head Judge will go over standards for the movements prior to starting the event
  3. Scoring
  4. Attendance – 1 point
    Awarded for each team player who completes the workout each week – this is based off the signed score cards received, if completed twice – you will only receive credit for one score card, just like the Open
  5. Performance – 1 points
    Awarded to the males AND females in the top 3 in Rx AND top 3 in Scaled
  6. Spirit – 5 points
    Awarded to the team that has the most pride, noise and of course PRESENCE each week
  7. Bonus – 5 points
    Awarded to each athlete who registers for the open


  1. Winning Team
  2. Spirit Award
    This is for the team/player with overall team spirit throughout the competition.

WHO IS READY TO HAVE SOME FUN!!!! Let’s get maximum participation and have a great time!!!


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