Cristina Hain

What brought you to Mountain Strength CrossFit?
Originally, my mother signed me up to start CrossFit, she thought that it would be a good experience for me but little did she know I was the only girl involved. When I first arrived I went into the bathroom to change and then my mom abandoned me and four other guys walked in. So when I came home she expected me to quit but I said that I was not going to let these guys think that I could not do CrossFit. So really it was my stubbornness to not let people think I could not do something that kept me coming to CrossFit. From then on CrossFit has become a part of my life.
What is your favorite exercise or movement?
My favorite movement is a hard one to choose. However, I would have to say that the power clean would be my favorite. It was the first move that I could successfully do after having some training and I always find it fun to work on.
What is a skill or movement that you are working on to improve?
My pull ups and push ups are a constant struggle. However, with Rich’s help I am now able to do one successful pull up without bands and kipping pull ups. Also Rich and I have worked on some things that will be able to help strengthen my push up.
What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength CrossFit?
Actually one change that has happened was that according to my doctor my heart rate was very low, which is healthy, but he wanted to double check it to make sure it was right. Thanks to CrossFit, my body is healthier than before and still constantly improving.
What is your favorite memory of Mountain Strength CrossFit?
I think my favorite memory at CrossFit would be PRing my power clean one day where I thought I could not do anymore. Then I was able to go home and brag about it to my father, who does not actually clean but does back squat. Thanks to CrossFit I’m able to have my own thing separate that I can talk about.


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