Covid Restrictions Update – May 2021

As you may be aware Massachusetts is set to lift Covid restrictions on Sat May 29th. The lifting of these restrictions will allow us to increase class capacity, remove masks for those that have been vaccinated and help us get back to pre-covid day to day operations. We will be taking a tiered approach to the changes we will be making. Please read on.


Starting Saturday may 29th Adults that are 2 weeks past vaccination are okay to take their masks off or keep them on as they feel fit. We will respect your choice to do either. I would like to suggest 3 weeks past vaccination if possible. Our staff and Coaches will follow the same rules. Today I checked the vaccination numbers for Winchester and they are on the incline (our gym demographic is 67-78% currently, 85% of Winchester has had at least 1 dose) and this week has also had no new cases so far. Please check out the city’s Dashboard HERE.

If the covid case numbers start to rise again we will reverse our course and do what we can to reduce transmission inside the gym. For mask usage we will be using the honor system Please remember that covid tracing protocols will still be in place should there be an outbreak. Taking attendance for each class is mandatory, please continue reserving spaces for class.


Will continue mandatory mask use through the end of the spring session (end of June). We will make a decision on what to do for the summer sessions based on parent feedback and immunization data. Parents of our teen athletes please look out for an email before the summer sessions start.


We will continue to keep windows open and cleaning protocols in place for the foreseeable future. If cases stay low for 2 weeks past Monday and vaccinations go up we will evaluate the class caps. Currently 10-12 and will increase to 14 athletes (June 15). 2 weeks after we will evaluate the floor layout, social distancing, equipment sharing as well as raise class caps to 16-20 (July 1). We will communicate changes close to these dates.

Thank you all for your patience, cooperation and consideration of our community. We are a health and wellness facility and strive to continue to value your health and fitness above all else. Let’s keep helping each other out and continue getting fitter each day. If you have any concerns or questions please talk to me directly by email

Rich Borgatti and the Mountain Strength Team


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