Corona Virus, The Gym and Our Plan

      Dear friends, The coronavirus is creating a lot of chaos, but there are many bright spots. Here are just a few: No. 1: You’ve prioritized your health and fitness. You’ve done everything you can to prepare for anything. You’re strong and healthy,

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Double Under Seminar with Molly Metz and JumpnRope

Double Under Seminar with Molly Metz and JumpnRope [button link=””] Sign Up Now[/button] From Instructors travel worldwide teaching this highly-effective (and entertaining!) two-hour seminar on Jump rope and double unders! Where: Mountain Strength CrossFit When: Sunday March 15th at 10:00am – 12:00pm Price: $60

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Ari Klopfer

  How long have you been working out at MSCF? I started at Mountain Strength about 4 years ago. I think the biggest thing that brought me was that my mom was doing it and, at the time, my brother. What is your favorite exercise

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Winter Weather Class Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy In the case of severe weather 1) Winchester School Closing in the case of school closing or delays we will cancel early morning classes to allow the plows to clear the snow. We are usually good to go by 8:15 am most storms

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Starting The CrossFit Journey

What’s it like when you’re a new athlete? How do you go about finding a gym, finding a program that fits for you? And once you get there, what’s it like, and how should you go about your first few months of doing a CrossFit program?

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CrossFit and Marathon Training

“I’m training for the marathon. How should I integrate CrossFit training with my (increasingly intensive and time-consuming) running program?”   CrossFit and endurance training I feel mix very well together. Although not in the way that most people may think. Most endurance programs but not

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July 3rd Evening Schedule

Since it is the eve of a holiday I know that many of you may be travelling or spending time with your family. If you are planning on attending any of the evening classes tonight Please reserve your spot now. If there are NO reservations

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Running Injury Free: Part 1 – The Foam Roller

Today we are going to start a 4 part blog series focusing on Running Injury Free. This series will go over SMR (Self Myofascial Release) of the legs, proper warm up techniques/movements and drills for running. These are especially important for endurance athletes to keep

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