Vegetables not your thing? What is the Carnivore Diet?

The Carnivore Diet Experiment  By Coach Warren Cormier  Well, that was interesting. I did a complete reset in January 2021 as far as diet and some other lifestyle changes. Full disclosure, I am not a nutritionist or dietitian but rather just a curious, open minded

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Hitting the Books: Exercised, by Daniel Lieberman

By Coach Mike Flanagan Earlier this month, Harvard biologist Daniel Lieberman started a media tour for Exercised: Why Something We Never Evolved to Do Is Healthy and Rewarding, a book that takes a look at the science and practice of exercise through an evolutionary lens, and

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Going Long Distance and CrossFit

By Coach Mike Flanagan 12/6/2020 In ancient times before CrossFit, I was a runner, and in recent years, I’ve picked the sport up again, and have been mixing my workouts to try to find the ideal balance between both sports.  I’m still convinced that if

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Coach’s Corner: The Medicine Ball Clean

How To Perform The Medicine Ball Clean by Coach Rich Starting to use a barbell for workouts can seem daunting at first. There are many moving parts to a Barbell Clean and lots of things to remember. Position, timing and intensity are key to making

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Phase 3 Re-opening Plans

Phase 3 Starts Monday June 6th The state has moved into Phase 3 starting Monday! In Phase 2.2 we were allowed to start private 1:1 and 1:2 training which started this past Monday. If you are a private training client please reach out to us

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Personal Training Services to Resume June 22nd

If you are near Winchester, Ma and looking to get back into the gym for a real, live workout… We’ve got some GREAT NEWS! 👊As of Monday, June 22nd, we are BACK… 👊for 1-1 training… 👊or 1-2 training if it’s 2 folks from the same

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New Schedule: Parking Lot Workouts and Zoom Classes

Hello everyone! We have made some adjustments to this weeks workout schedule. Please note the return of the 9am outdoor classes Tues/Thurs and Sunday We have also removed the lowest attended Zoom classes Wed 12pm/5:30pm Parking Lot Wods: M/W/F 7am, 5:30pm T/Thu/Sun 9am Zoom classes:

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Outdoor Classes to Resume June 8th

WE ARE BACK! We are happy to announce that outdoor group classes are returning to MSCF Monday, June 8th! We are being cautious and following all state and city regulations. The Winchester Board of Health has given us the green light to restart outdoor classes. We will start

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