Be a Self Coach: Rowing Warm-Up with the Concept2 Power Curve

Use the Concept2 Performance Monitor to gain rowing feedback

and coach yourself. It’s a great use of warm up time before jumping into class. This article will give you the ideal power curve, common faults you might see, and a couple of challenges to try in a 5-minute warmup pre-class or training session. Here ’s a quick video on the power curve to get things started. Check it out and then read through the rest of the article for tips and challenges to try.

Watch the video now!

1. The Ideal Power Curve

Set the monitor to display the power curve (or force curve) during your next warmup to really dial in body awareness and technique. The ideal curve is a smooth inverted parabola with the peak located in the center of the curve. If you can make this happen then your technique has a nice smooth transition of force being applied to the handle from the
legs, hips, and arms. Everything from your head to your toes is working together in a nice smooth sequence that results in an efficient application of power.
2. Common Faults

If you ever see a double peak or a curve that looks like the profile of the Green Mountains in Vermont there is something missing or room for improvement in your technique. The power curve represents your
rowing technique graphically and that is why it can be used to self coach. If you were to divide the graph into three sections along the horizontal, the

curve at each of those sections would represent how you’re legs, body, and arms are being used to produce force. If the valley of a double peak curve is in the middle, then you know there is something lacking or missing from how your body/hips are being used through the middle of the drive. Try to focus on making the curve smoother, eliminating chatter/inefficiency, while emphasizing the swing of your body through the middle. Can you keep the force/pressure on the handle constant through the middle of the stroke?

3. 5-minute Warm-Up Challenge

Set the monitor to display the power curve (or force curve) during your
next warmup and try the following challenges during each consecutive
minute. Can you create an ideal power curve during each stroke no

matter what the challenge? See the video above for what this warm-up should look like.

1min – Legs Only Rowing (Consistent Body Angle/Arms Straight)

1min – Legs and Body Rowing (Arms Straight)
1min – Full Strokes @20 strokes/minute
1min – Full Strokes @24 strokes/minute

1min – Full Strokes @28 strokes/minute

Watch your power curve on the monitor during every stroke of the 5-
minute warm-up. Is it a smooth inverted parabola? Where’s the peak? Is there a double peak that you need to eliminate? Is there chatter you can eliminate? Be in control of your stroke at all times and maintain good posture. If you find something that seems jerky or out of control, try to change it and make it different. Experiment a little and have some fun! If you’re looking for an added challenge, as the stroke rating increases
to 24 strokes/minute and then 28 strokes/minute, try to move the peak of the curve to the left and get the curve to start higher up the vertical axis

with a very steep slope. This will mean you’re very connected and getting good initiation with the legs. The challenge then becomes can you keep the curve smooth and chatter free!

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