Are Meal Prep Plans for me?

Veggies and carbs and protein oh my! There’s so much going around the net right now about what to eat and how. It’s enough to make a grown woman who feeds three other people who all eat like teenagers in training crazy!! I couldn’t imagine being single and try to work a full time job plus trying to wade through all the new nutrition info too. I’ve always tried to stick to the idea of #eatrealfood If I can pronounce it, I can eat it. But what about when you can’t meal prep? What about those days when you’re lucky is the office catered with pizza and donuts?

Recently I’ve been looking into the idea of meal service plans. They seem intriguing. “You mean someone else does the cooking?” Insert wide dreamy eyes of a clean kitchen. But is it worth it for me as a mom who can stay home and cook? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s look at a few things.

My Paleo Naturals is one we have worked with in the gym before. They offer two types of plans “RX” and “Scaled”. There is obviously a CrossFit vibe to them. But hey I’m a CrossFitter so it works for me. So you place your order and they will deliver it. Cool. But let’s look at price.

The chart above breaks down the national average for money spent on food in February of 2015. Looking at that then looking at what a food plan will cost you, you might think “oh goodness no, not for me.” But lets take another angle. What is your time worth? For me, my personal time with my kids and hubs is priceless. So if I can find a way to cut down on some prep time it could be worth it for me.

Let’s say I take the time I spent on getting our lunches set up. First I have to figure out what I’m going to do for lunch for the week then prep the crap out of it. But let’s say I spend $165 for all hubs and mine snacks and lunches for the week plus a few dinners for those days when things go sideways.

Then I adjust my grocery budget to reflect that. Well in one move I removed wasted time, wasted food and add value to my health. I know the food I’m getting is healthy and well made. Ready for me to grab from the fridge and take to the zoo, either the one with the animals or the co-workers.

I’ve reduced stress and added time. Sort of a win for me. Now let’s say you hate cooking. Like you’re on a first name bases with the delivery guys from more than two places. What if you took that budget and spent it on a custom plan for you? All set and ready for you when you get home from work or the gym. Well you’ve just added health and time to your life too!

So maybe we should be looking at this in what we gain instead of what we spend. I’m not saying these are for everyone. In some cases it makes more sense to buy and prep your own food. It that case rock on with your bad self! But if you’re just starting out maybe a meal plan will help you get an idea of what you can do.

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