Mountain Strength is different in a few ways:

  • We start each class with a coach led joint and dynamic warm up.
  • We want to make sure that you are warmed up and ready to go.
  • We are an education based gym, that means we like to teach and explain the how and why of everything we do.
  • We are a small, welcoming, and supportive community that loves to meet new people.
  • We meet you where you are at health and fitness wise.
  • All of our group classes have progressions and scalings built into the class programming.

Book a No Sweat Intro With Us!

Come in and check the gym out and learn a little about us and how we do things. Review your goals, get your questions answered and establish a road to success! No obligations, no sales pitch - It’s Just a glimpse of what we are all about!

Try a Class for Free

If you think CrossFit is too intense and not for you, please come in and give it a try. All of our workouts can be scaled for ANY individual, no matter where you are starting! Arrive a few minutes early to meet your coach, and tour the gym!