Abigail Mumme-Monheit

What brought you to Mountain Strength CrossFit?
My parents started at Mountain Strength last summer and thought I would like it. They gave me 10 classes for my birthday, and I was hooked. I ran cross country for the past four years, but I wanted to get stronger outside of running, so CrossFit was the perfect solution.


What is your favorite exercise or movement?
Toes to bar is not the most popular movement, but it was one of the first movements I was able to Rx. I also love rope climbing.


What is a skill that you are working on to improve?
Pretty much anything involving squats. Wall balls are basically the devil. I really need to work on evening out my strength, because with most movements my right side does the work, and my left side just moves to catch up. Push ups are also something I would like to work on.


What changes have you seen in yourself since you started at Mountain Strength?
A year ago I never could have seen myself doing any form of weightlifting, let alone enjoying it. When I started at Mountain Strength, I was impressed when I could complete a workout with the training bar, so being able to complete workouts with more weight is really exciting. Plus, I’ve noticed that many of my shirts do not fit over my shoulders anymore.


What is your favorite memory of MSCF?
Participating in Friday Night Lights was the first time I really experienced the community aspect of MSCF. Wha’chu Squattin’ ‘Bout Willis was the best! Everyone on the team was incredibly welcoming and supportive! My other great memories come from helping Coach Susan with the CrossFit kids class. Their excitement and enthusiasm every week is contagious!

Any advice for people who want to try CrossFit but are afraid to do so?
Everyone at Mountain Strength is so supportive of athletes at any level! The coaches always find a way to help everyone succeed and improve, so no matter where you are starting CrossFit can meet you there.


Random Abigail fact?
I have been doing tae kwon do since second grade and am now a second degree black belt.


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