Published September 30, 2015

Rich Borgatti, Owner and Trainer

Owner and Trainer, OCR and Endurance Coach

After high school sports (Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field) my fitness took a back seat to college classes. After college I spent about 10 or so years in the computer industry sitting at a desk. This lead to a decline in health and fitness. As I closed in on my mid twenties I had finally had enough and started training in Martial arts and started working out at gyms. I discovered CrossFit online in 2007 while researching Kettlebell and sandbag workouts. I remember thinking it was a bit crazy, but it intriged me. After a year of reading all the websites and trying to do the workouts on my own in a park I went to CrossFit Boston in June of 2008 and found out what CrossFit really was. Neal Thompson the Owner had me do a 7 min workout that left me flat on my back and it was everything I was looking for. It made me remember what it was like to be an athlete. I had recently turned 30 and was working in the IT field behind a desk all day. I was getting slower, bigger and unhappier by the day and needed to change. CrossFit changed my life.

My coaching specialty is Obstacle Course Racing and Endurance athletes.

I work with remote clients and on site to help improve their racing times and fix up any weak areas.

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Black Belt: (2006)

ISSA: CFT (2007)

CrossFit: L1 (2009, 2010), L2 (2011), Endurance (2013)

MovNat: Level 1 & 2 (2012)

Spartan SGX: Level 1 & 2 (2013, 2015)


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