St Jude Heros at MSCF (Brooke)

Published January 28, 2015

Since I first witnessed the Boston Marathon as a 19 year old college freshmen, I have longed to run the race.  The only thing standing in my way?  I hated to run.  I played team sports all the way through college, but running just for running's sake?  No thanks!  Yet, deep down inside I still had a goal, a dream, to run Boston.  My experience as a spectator over 19 years has kept that dream alive even when I made several failed attempts to become a runner and actually realize it.  The Boston Marathon is a special event, and I'm proud to finaly say I AM RUNNING BOSTON!  
There are two reasons why I'm realizing my dream today.  
The first is the reason you're all reading this newsletter - Mountain Strength CrossFit!  In the summer of 2013, when I made one final attempt at becoming a runner, I found I didn't hate it.  I wasn't slogging through three miles yearning to quit with every step.  Why?  Because I had been a member of MSCF for almost a year at that point, and my body was in great shape, and it allowed me to complete the physical task of running so much easier than I had ever done before.  It allowed me to acutally ENJOY running, imagine that!  It allowed me to complete my first marathon, this last October, after being a runner for only 15 months!  I loved every minute of that race, even the hellish last three miles that were only possible thanks to Paul Marquis (another reason MSCF has helped my running - I would probably have walked the last 2.5 miles when my heart started to flip out if it wasn't for another MSCF member who drove up to Lowell to watch me run!).  
The second reason I'm able to run Boston this year is my good friend, Nicky Shargel.  I met Nicky 3.5 years ago when we were in the process of moving to Winchester.  Over the years she's showed me what an amazing person she is, and what an amazingly persuasive person she is :)   She convinced me to chase my dream and apply to be a St. Jude HERO for Boston.  After filling out the application, I waited, pretty sure I didn't have a chance...I mean, they only had 4 bibs.  But in late November,  I got the call that I had been waiting for - one of those bibs was being given to me!  I am thrilled to be running on behalf of such an amazing organization.  St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is the leader in the fight against pediatric cancer.  They are such an amazing place that they do not charge families of the children they treat for anything - that's why our support is so important.  They also freely share their research with the broader medical community.  St. Jude has a goal of a 90% survival rate by 2020 (ultimately their dream is to cure all pediatric cancers), and I'm proud and honored to be given the opportunity to help them achieve that goal. 
Here's a video I created, please take a minute and a half to watch:
And then go here to help me raise a ton of money for St. Jude:
My goal is to raise $15,000, and I greatly appreciate your support!!
- Brooke

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