Shoulder Health and Mobility Clinic

Published August 14, 2017

Please join us on Saturday Oct. 14th at 10AM for a shoulder health and mobility clinic. This clinic is free for Mountain Strength members. 


Topics to be covered:

1.) Posture- What is good posture and why it is important

-Crossfit effects on posture – forward shoulders and head hyperkyphosis, and hyperloerdosis

-Shoulder Pain- bursitis/tendonitis

2.) Shoulder Anatomy- trap hypertrophy and pec tightness

-Scapular range movement 60 degrees at 120 shoulder abduction

- 17 muscles attach

-GH Rhythm- succinct activation

-activate rhomboids and lower lat

-scapular tilting- subacromial space decrease= issues

3.) Corrective Exercises/Mobilizations:


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