Published July 10, 2017


Get Stronger!


If your goal is to get stronger, look no further! 

This 6-week program is dedicated to increasing strength throughout all lifts in CrossFit using the Conjugate Method. The program offers high variety and a small class size to ensure each athlete gets a lot of attention. It's also a ton of fun and effective!

Starts: Monday, July 24th
Ends: Friday, September 1st
When: Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:30 - 8:30 PM, Fridays from 7 - 8 PM
Cost: $200 -- $11/class! Register here!


"I learned how to get stronger from the strongest guy in the gym. Coach John quickly revealed mechanical issues, muscle imbalances, and sticking points in the three lifts. The principles I learned, particularly how to truly create tension, were a real game changer and have helped me to continue establishing PRs a year later. And on top of all that, you get to eat whatever you want for six weeks."

-Coach Warren

"I did this program last year, and the ONLY reason I'm not doing it now is because I'm simultaneously signed up for two others. It was incredibly fun, challenging, and educational, and I found the value amazing:  about $11 per hour-long training session, with only 9 other people. But seriously, there's nothing better than hanging out with a bunch of fellow lifters.

It also got me results: I added more than 10# to each of my lifts after this program."

-Coach Rachel

"From someone who is not only a coach, but someone who took the last course I will say that it was immensely effective at improving my lifts and overall strength. I had found myself at a plataeu for years. John's class provided techniques and a framework to significantly bump my numbers. I had a nice jump in my DL and Squat PR numbers.

I highly recommend the class for anyone looking to get stronger. It is a tough program, but very rewarding and you will benefit from those rewards for a long long time.

I have signed up to take it again."

-Coach Paul B

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