Nutrition - Body Scan and Macros Clinic

Published May 30, 2017

Nutrition - Body Scan and Macros Clinic


When: Sunday, June 11th 9:30 AM - 11 AM

What: Get your body composition on the InBody Scanner and learn how to do "Macros"

Cost: $60

Sign Up: Click this link. 

*Featuring CrossFit HQ Coach Mat Frankel*


What is InBody?

Body Composition Scan: Only 15 seconds, no pinching, no water, extremely accurate.


Get Your Numbers

Body Fat %, Lean Muscle Mass, Base Metabolic Rate (BMR), Water Weight


What are "Macros"?

Not a "diet." You don't HAVE to eliminate any foods. Eat the right amount for your body. Eat what you want and learn to follow this easy system. 


What Happens?

Scan in, Listen in, Take action, Get results. 


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