GLEN 5.0

Published August 10, 2017

Join us on September 10th at 9am for the 5th GLEN WOD to raise money for the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation.

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About the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation:

MISSION: The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation has been established to bring education and recreation to those in need. By paying forward Glen's love for learning and his passion for igniting the spirit through adventure we aim to bring joy and personal advancement into the lives of many. We do this knowing that Glen's spirit will continue to touch us all.

FOCUS: Our focus is on providing current and former special operations professionals, from all branches of the government, the means necessary to transition and succeed in civilian life. We are also enabling the children and families of these soldiers the ability to mature and grow through recreation. We employ the following tools to achieve our goals:

Scholarships for current or former Special Operation Professionals used for traditional education

Scholarships for current or former Special Operations Professionals used for vocational and non-traditional training

Subsidies and grants for the children of Special Operations Professionals to attend camps that build leadership

Gifts for the families of Special Operations Professionals and Foreign Service Officers, where a loss or life-changing debilitating injury has been suffered, to be used for recreation as a way of supporting the family unit through positive outdoor activities

CHARITY: We are a 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicated to honoring and preserving the memory of Glen Doherty and all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in defending our nation in the Global War on Terror.


NEW this year is a donation feature of which 100% will be given directly to the GDMF! Please see our eventbrite page for more details!

Be sure to watch this CrossFit Boston video to learn more about Glen. 


Prizes generously donated by Syndicate Gear!

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