What to expect when you come to Mountain Strength CrossFit - Coach Rich

Published March 9, 2017

Photo courtesy of Jorge Galvez


When you walk through the doors expect to be greeted by our staff and members. We will know your name when you get here and be ready for a handshake or a high five. We are interested in learning as much about you to determine how we can immediately begin to help you achieve your goals. To do this we will start with a sit down for an introductory consultation we call a “No Sweat Intro” to discuss your vision and goals without a workout, upon that your Mountain Strength coach will prescribe the next step for you. This could be our 1 on 1 CrossFit On Ramp, Personal training designed for you, nutrition coaching, or if you have prior experience with CrossFit we will go through a 10 point review of your movements to test out of the OnRamp program.


In the CrossFit On ramp program you will be taught to focus on your form and consistency, above all else. Our coaches work with you one on one for 5 to 6 session to help you learn the terminology, the movements, and what variations are correct for you. The mission is to focus on you and your journey.


Photo courtesy of Jorge Galvez


Expect coaches that actually care, that intently observe and correct to ensure the best growth and results. We will never let you be lost in the crowd or in an overcrowded class. Expect a diverse community that holds you accountable and is invested in the journey with you. That look like you, have experience similar or different from you, all working towards the same goal...better health, more energy and having fun!


We also understand that managing a job, your family and your fitness goals can be a challenge. Many of our coaches share this fitness journey with you and can offer tips and guidance as you need it. We also understand and value that a seemingly simple thing like achieving a push-up can be a journey - and we are here to help you with our experience and motivate you to stick to your plan. We are here to support you.


Photo courtesy of Jorge Galvez


Welcome to one of the best communities you’ll ever know!


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