Why We're Not Doing a Nutrition Challenge

Published January 13, 2017


It’s January! Let’s go on a diet! Millions of American say this every year. And millions of Americans start out strong with great motivation. Then something happens around February, something to do with love and sugar, mainly sugar. We start to lose a bit of our motivation. We lose what little accountability we had. “No one will mind if I sneak a treat.”


At Mountain Strength we used to think a Nutrition challenge was the best way to help people clean up their diet and learn healthier eating habits. But we noticed something interesting. While some people picked up great new eating habits, we saw some fall back into old ones once the challenge was over.


And there’s nothing worse than losing your progress.


So we took some time to think about how we could make nutrition a bigger, more successful part of our community. And more importantly your life.


So we came up with this: Everyone at the gym is able to meet with Ari for a free 30 min Nutrition refresher. Every single one of you click this link and get set up today. Come in with your questions, your food journals and most importantly your goals. We will go over everything and make a plan for you.


Now, why do this instead of a challenge? Well if we take 30 people and ask them to all to the same thing, I would say about half would find great success, half of the other half wouldn’t change and the rest would be frustrated and feel like it wasn’t working for them.


So why not deal one on one with each person. Let us meet you where you are and tailor a program to meet your goals. You wouldn’t go to a Kipping clinic if you wanted to learn how to lift better right? Well why would you do paleo if you really don’t want to give up cheese? Why not meet one on one and make a plan that works for you?



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